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Medical Intuition
Welcome! I am so glad you are visiting my website!
I am highly medically intuitive with an extensive understanding of the body, anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, proteins, DNA, and more. I have an ability to help people find amazing answers to their medical questions. I provide consultations internationally, for people of all ages, both in-person and via video chat.
Medical intuition is simply a technique whereby someone has developed any ability to "know" or "find" information as it relates to the physical body and health-related things.
I find answers within the DNA, the genes, and the chemistry, in addition to all of the other body systems and related information.
I have found a way to bring leading-edge medical intuitive techniques to everyday life, and to bring practical answers to health-related questions ... especially things related to DNA, genes, the body's organs, chemistry, and more.

Medical Intuitive Consultations
If you are interested in knowing more about the consultations I provide, or would like to schedule a consultation, please use the links below.


Everything in the body is connected, and there are genes that control every single detail of your life.
(There is much more in the genes than most people have any idea about ... yet...)
It helps to know which body systems and organs are affected, but there is much more...
... there is also biology... and chemistry... and there are chromosomes, genes and switches...
... and most of all, there is balance ... (and one could go on and on and on...)
... and then the body creates work-arounds for off-balance situations...
... and then more work-arounds for the next set of off-balance situations...
... and so on
In the midst of this, if you can find the beginnings of the work-arounds within the DNA, then many other related things can also be corrected.
I find sources of imbalances in the DNA and other related things in the body by using a variety of tools, including the extensive gene map that is currently available.

As well, I will often help you to find a life experience where a bigger imbalance may have begun (as you'll see if you read through some of my Case Studies). Often on "discovering" the link between the life experience and the genetic changes, your energy realigns, because you will understand why the physical might have begun expressing different patterns.
My background provides a very foundational understanding of the body, anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, proteins, DNA. I attended an intensive nursing school program for Registered Nurse (R.N.), and graduated at the top of my class. This training included a final year of hospital hands-on training, rotating through all of the various medical practices during that time, complete with assignments and in-depth study. I subsequently practiced as a registered nurse for many years.

During this time, I picked up much information and many techniques and tools that underlie the high quality of my medical intuition.

Almost every day, I continue my "education", using the most modern up-to-date and highly recommended textbooks that I can find. As well, I am also a computer programmer and have worked for many years in the IT departments of big corporations, which means that it’s easy for me to design effective high-level databases and create other work-arounds to keep expanding core medical knowledge, not to mention that programming and database design also creates an ability to think clearly and to provide leading-edge answers in many other ways.

Over the years, I have spent a lot of time using my medical intuition to help people find answers to many obscure health issues, and I have learned that most "standard" answers are just “the tip of the iceberg.”

It is necessary to be aware of the big picture, such as which body systems are most impacted or are “at the top of the stack”, but it’s actually more helpful to go much deeper, such as down to the tiniest little bits of chemistry and biology in the body, and most importantly, even into the DNA.

The DNA, however, isn't quite that simple either, and comes with a whole set of other core components, such as amino acids, nucleobases, RNA, and more. It takes many pieces and underlying things to help the DNA work well, so I like to check the underlying chemistry and proteins as well as the genes, and so much more.

For individuals who prefer just the basic information, such as help with food and diet, or which organs and body systems are impacted, or what “label” (a.k.a. name of illness) might be the best energy-match for their symptoms, I can easily provide that information as well... but I am almost certain that you'll want to learn more.
You may find it fascinating to see just what happens during a consultation.
There's no way to describe the types of things that come up in just a few words.
The intrically intertwined chemistry, biology, genetic makeup, interplay with diet, living conditions, and more cannot be put into into words.
It's far easier for you to read a few of the Case Studies that I've published on my website, as that way, you'll have a far better idea of what it's all about.
Even if you're not technically inclined, don't worry... there are many interesting and intriguing ideas included, since I tend to "explain" what's going on in something-close-to-plain-English. (The jury is still out on that one though...)
So here are the links...

Correcting DNA
Visit my other website...
at www.DNA-Dimensions.com
DNA Dimensions is a website
full of new and different ideas about Health, DNA, Genes, Chromosomes, Chemistry, and much more!


Joy is highly
medically intuitive.

Also known as
The Joyful Healer,
she is very
experienced with
helping people to find amazing answers
to their medical questions.

She has an extensive understanding of the body and DNA.

She brings
leading-edge techniques
to everyday life,
practical answers
to questions about
health, DNA, diet and food, and product development.
Joy is a professional
member of the
International Association
of Medical Intuitives