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The Joyful Healer ~ Highly Accurate Medical Intuitive ~ Whale & Dolphin Whisperer ~ Product Development Consultant ~ Correcting DNA & Genes ~ Friend of the Dolphins and Whales
Hello and Welcome!
Welcome to Happy Whale Whispers!
Welcome to a fun website,
where dolphins play and whales are friends!
Joy is a whale and dolphin whisperer
She communicates with dolphins and whales.
You’ll find many fascinating journal entries about Joy’s adventures, first with the dolphins, and then with the whales, who joined in, in 2016.
The dolphins tell their own stories, and Joy’s information about the whales needs to be heard by many, including scientists and others who might be willing to help.
Here are some of her very interesting adventures.
Happy reading!

Happy Whale Whispers...
Where's all the rest of the stuff?
Oh, you mean the pages that used to be here?
So, we've moved all the DNA- and health-related pages over to our new DNA Dimensions website!
... and Happy Whale Whispers will continue to be "the place" for Joy's whale and dolphin journals.
A few other things are still in the process of "change", so please be patient.
For now, here are the links to the DNA- and health-related pages, if you're looking for them:
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Case Studies
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